Prediabetes and obesity place individuals at a
higher risk of developing:

Type 2 Diabetes · Sleep Apnea · Cardiovascular Disease · Cancer

About The Program

Currently,13.9% of the Louisiana population has diabetes,and 37.5% of the state population has prediabetes. In order to address this problem, Pennington Biomedical is providing a program that may reverse prediabetes and diabetes. This is a treatment program that helps people to lose weight and develop long-term lifestyle changes that will help to keep weight off.

13.9%of the Louisiana population has diabetes

37.5%of the Louisiana population has prediabetes

This program will consist of:

In-person Sessions

To learn how to change food intake and increase activity.

Meal Replacements

To help with weight loss through calorie controlled portions.

Possible Medications

To help with weight loss in addition to diet and lifestyle instruction.

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